Permanent Bracelets

Make our Perfect Fit bracelets yours forever with our permanent welding service. With a quick zapp, we can micro weld any of our 14K gold filled chains to your wrist resulting in a clasp-free accessory for everyday wear. Don't fret, while we like to name them permanent bracelets, they can be easily removed with scissors at any time and re-welded at a future date. 

What's the process?

It's easy! Choose your chain style, get the chain perfectly fitted to you + zapp it! A welding appointment takes less than 10 minutes and the weld itself takes just a second.

Where and when can I get welded?

Our welding services are coming very soon! We recommend joining our mailing list and following us on Instagram @shopwithgrey to be the first to know when our welding services launch. 
We will be offering private welding appointments, as well as welding Pop-Ups so you and your friends can get zapped together!

What is the "zapp" all about?

The zapp refers to the small flash produced from the pulse of energy emitted to weld your bracelet securely closed. 

Does it hurt?

Nope! The flash is all for show. 

Can I remove my bracelet?

Yes! If you need to remove your bracelet, carefully cut the jump ring (the small ring connecting the two ends of the chain) with sharp scissors. This way you won't lose any length from your perfectly fitting bracelet. When removed at the jump ring, we are able to re-weld the bracelet for you at a future date for a small welding fee of $10 + tax. 

Note, your permanent bracelet does not need to be removed for airport security purposes, but may need to be removed for medical purposes such as a MRI. 

Will it fade or tarnish?

Our 14K gold filled chains are tarnish and fade resistant. 14K gold filled is a solid layer of gold that is bonded together through heat and pressure to other metal alloys. This process makes it similar to solid gold in terms of durability, colour and strength. It won't turn colours or rub off and is waterproof making it perfect for endless wear. Legally, gold filled is required to contain a minimum of  5% or 1/20th gold by weight. Our gold filled chain is USA made.